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Hello! My name is Art and Pim. We are both Blogger and Designer of “IrisaCollection” and we are come from Thailand. As you can see that we love fashion and make up so this place will be  the place that we can share our information our experience into reviews Mostly it is about fashion item like ring, necklace, jewelry or product of cosmetic like foundation, lipstick or service and place that we love like spa and restaurant.
We do get some sponsor review so I want you to know that you no need to worry about it because we want to make this space for people who love to read fact reviews only. It will be pointless if we review things that others want us to say. If I were the reader, I would not come back to this page again!! and I do not want that to happen to all of my readers.
So we will write the fact of the product with pro and con^^
We have our own Shop too called “IrisaCollection” so you can check it out at because we have passion about Scarves and Accessories so we decided to design our own Collection of Scarves and Accessories.
So please come and visit us^^
E-mail :
This page will gather all the reviews that we wrote within this page so it is might be another way for you to see what we have for you here by see all of my topics.

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