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Review 9 Box of the Dollywink the famous fake eyelashes from Japan

And here we are back again!! Now I have the most stunning review that I have ever made!! And it is the review of wearing fake eyelashes called dollywink 9 boxes. Dolly wink is the famous fake eyelash in Japan and Thailand. As you can see the picture down here, the package is just adorable but the price might too high for some girls. One box contains two pair of fake eyelash including glue from dollywink.

I have to say that not all the girl wear fake eyelash to work or as everyday use. It might be because they think it is too much for make up? or hard to wear it or I do not know how to wear it? ahhh I do not know. 

But for me Fake eyelashes is like you can wear it without any make up on [it you choose it wisely for everyday use not for a prom party one] you will still look stunning [you can wear it without eyeliner or eye shadow etc.] and easy to remove it too. And clean it put it in the save place so that you can use it several time [for me you can use it over  10 times yeahhh I did that!!!] all of these, I juat want to tell you that it is not that hard to wear it and do that fancy that you can not wear to work and it is not that expensive because you thought that fake eyelash can use only one time!! Let's take a look at Irisa's Review.

This is Dollywink Collection from 1-8 

Dolly Wink No.1 Dolly Sweet This one is totally look stunning for both small eyed girl and big eyed girl. Would make the different when you wear it but I think it might too much for everyday eyelash or go to work. This type would make you look like kitten because the longer lash at the end of it would make you look like a lovely cutie puppy [This is what they wrote on the magazine]

Dolly Wink No.3 Natural GirlyThis type is not recommend for small eyed girl. Because it is tooooo longggg so other people would see the different between your real eyelash and the fake one and it is too big for Asian eyelid so you do have to cut some part out to make it fit to your eyelid. But if you do have long natural eyelash this one will make you look more stunning by the length and the curve of this Dolly Wink No.3

Dolly Wink No.4 Feminine StyleThis is my favorite one. it is easy to attach because this is just half of the normal fake eyelash. You should wear eyeliner for this item before or after you put fake eyelash on because it would not make other people notice the different of the emptiness of your eyelash between real one and fake one. Love this one very much easy to put on and still look natural. You can wear this through everyday use and go to work or a party night out with the girls.

Dolly Wink No.5 Real NudeThis is the hard part of my reviews due to the fact that dolly wink has the bottom of eyelash which is a little bit hard to attach because I have to put small pieces on my eyes. Need to be patience and clam a lot!!! 
Anyway this type? I felt nothing on my eyes because It is look so natural [Real Nude] that I can not see the different between the real and the fake one at alllll!!!! so it might be good for those who has so little of bottom eyelashes so let's take a look. [Art's eyes is smaller than Pim's] No one can tell that you wear a fake bottom eyelashes
This is Pim [Down Here]

This is Art [Down Here]

Dolly Wink No.6 Baby CuteThis one is just sooo chic!!! It is totally like the model in the Ray Magazine but not to wear in everyday life!! Totally not! It is look fashionable but in work time or on a day light. It might be too much or drive man away from you^^ Anyway this type is totally look fashionable and adorable just perfect for a party or girls night out!!

Dolly Wink No.7 Vivid PopThis one is just can be wore in everyday life because it is look so natural but still make your eyes pop!! not in a freaky way!! As you can see in the picture Dollywink No.7 will make you eye more beauty than it ever be but it is not too fashion so you can wear it in everyday life.[If you have patience enough to put a piece by piece to your eyes then go for it!!!]

Dolly Wink No.8 Pure Little Bottom Eyelashes เเละ Dolly Wink No.10 Sweet Cat upper eyelashes
Come to this point, I am going to die in front of the mirror because I have been putting on and making up and shooting a pic for 10 hours now!!! so this last one would be together with 2 type of the dollywink fake eyelashes

No 8 Look so natural again but it is not pop out like no 7 and not too nude like no 5.
as you can see the hardest part is just to put it on. Normally bottom part of dollywink can be wear in everyday life but the fact is do we all gonna wear bottom fake eyelashes in everyday life?? NO!!!! upper eyelashes is okay [for a office girl not recommend for a high school girl or lower!! ] the bottom one is just too hard. it takes too much time.
No 10 is the newest line of the dolly wink. Produce  for Asian eye's size. No need to cut some part out and this new line are look more natural so I am gonna do the review real soon^^

Dolly Wink No.2 Sweet Girly
This one I do not have. Sorry that I can not make it all done with full set No.1-8

Yeahh! This is it!!! so tired!!! Hope you like it. Feel free to leave any comment or ask any question. The last pic is Art and Pim without make up on hahahaha so nude!!! 

Anyway next time would be Urban Decay thing.Please stay tune!!

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