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Collection of Detachable Collar and Feather Earring

Wearing detachable collar and feather earring is so hot right now in this season in Thailand.Seem like we are all follow celeb style.If you but Ray Magazine or Cawaii Magazine you will see all of these trend that I am talking about!!

 Irisa loves detachable collar very much due to it helps our simple shirt looks more fashionable and stylish. Some just make your dress ready to party with girl gang at night!

In Thailand, we have  variety for detachable collar from low price 150 - 390 Baht (handmade not very neat one) to hi-street Brandname (Thai's Designer with high quality) price from 700 - 4,500 Baht such as Stresis etc. Anyway in Thailand we adore Topshop and Asos collar very much as you can see at siambrandname website has a lot of pre-order seller trying to buy Topshop and Asos Collar back to Thailand to sell a lottt!!!! in a very high price too!

So I would like to share some of my collection of detachable collar that I bought in Thailand (Handmade 300-450 Baht per each) to you. Hope you enjoy it!!

Black Collar with Pearl and Lace
It is not a real pearl and all handmade. I think it is so beautiful. you can wear it to a pleasant dinner in a fancy hotel.

Black Collar with Pearl and Lace 2
This one look like can be wore in everyday detachable collar compare to the first one because it has less lace part on the collar.I think Lace will make collar looks so proper and too feminine. 

Leather Collar
Plain one with rock style. I know that some of you might said why don't you buy some leather collar with some studs. I would say No! It is too rock for me ^^ I would like to wear this with some nice leather bag. What do you think?

Pearl Collar
It might the favorite one for Thai's Gals because it is look like a Topshop style and Thai' Girl like it. For me it is look s hi-end brandname even it has not made from real pearl. The way designer put all the pearl together is just lovely. I like it.

Silver collar with Black Lace and Crystal
This would be the one I would wear to party at night with the girls. The way it shines make me want to wear at night more than a day. The black lace and the crystal just perfect for silver collar. This is definitely my favorite one of detachable collar. And I would wear my Black YSL Arty ring with it too!! as you can see in the picture.

Lastly, my feather earring. I have to say that after I bought this one (200 Baht) I found out that this is not me at all. I found that it is hard to find the way to wear it without making it look like a too big earring. May be this fashion is not suit for me so I did take only one photo to share it with you^^

Please leave any comment as you like. Till then see you next time/ Irisa.


My Collection of Thai's designer Scarf

My first blogger would be my collection of scarf due to the fact that I live in the country which is called superdooper HOT zone but Thai Girl still wear scarf in everyday occasion. 

It is for make your cloth look more fashionable and more stylish. May be use to hide some part of your body like bottom of your body or upper of your body in the case that you wore too sexy in the place. Or may be we just want to take a chiffon scarf for a photo shoot on the beach!

My collection of scarf is totally Thai designer and mostly made from silk satin chiffon. Hope you enjoy it!

Issue Scarf

Sleepingpills Scarf Wanderlust Weekend

Dinosuke Scarf

Looh Scarf The Unicorn

Kloset Scarf Big Tile

Kloset Scarf  Rosamund

Kloset Scarf Squid Dot Blue

Wila Scarf Conqueror Medals

See you again next time..please leave comment as you like and sorry for my gramma. I am trying to improve it for you guys, Okay? Have a nice day ^^/ Irisa