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My Collection of Thai's designer Scarf

My first blogger would be my collection of scarf due to the fact that I live in the country which is called superdooper HOT zone but Thai Girl still wear scarf in everyday occasion. 

It is for make your cloth look more fashionable and more stylish. May be use to hide some part of your body like bottom of your body or upper of your body in the case that you wore too sexy in the place. Or may be we just want to take a chiffon scarf for a photo shoot on the beach!

My collection of scarf is totally Thai designer and mostly made from silk satin chiffon. Hope you enjoy it!

Issue Scarf

Sleepingpills Scarf Wanderlust Weekend

Dinosuke Scarf

Looh Scarf The Unicorn

Kloset Scarf Big Tile

Kloset Scarf  Rosamund

Kloset Scarf Squid Dot Blue

Wila Scarf Conqueror Medals

See you again next time..please leave comment as you like and sorry for my gramma. I am trying to improve it for you guys, Okay? Have a nice day ^^/ Irisa

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