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Review : False Eyelashes from Japan [Jumily and Bewerich]

"Irisa" is both Blogger and Designer so here you might find a lot of information about reviewing the product and service that we like. So may be just chilling and hanging out here you might get some new information that you like about fashion.

As you can see we are Thai so we might wrote some in Thai. Hope you do not mind. We will try to write more Bi langue for you so that even you able to read Thai or not you still get us anyway.
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Jumily and Bewerich is like Dollywink, of course in a very good packaging and I love the detail work on the eyelashes to make it different form others that it is cheaper^^ no hurting and can be use a lot of time without losing any shape.

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23 October 2012
Review : False Eyelashes form Japan [Jumily and Bewerich]
I am one of the girl who like to wear false eyelashes on the day to work, to party or to where ever that I want to standout from the crowd. So to find to good false eyelashes is the one of the favorite this that I like to do while I was shopping.

Jewerich False Eyelashes No. 5
This one is  a little bit hard to attach because of the shape is just too straight from the eye as you can see in the picture but still stunning anyway. The detail on the lashes is just natural and perfect^^

Jewerich False Eyelashes No. 6
This one is easy to attach the shape and the curve is perfect. The little detail on the middle makes you eyes round and  cute. hahaha but still looks natural.

Jewerich False Eyelashes No. 7
This one has a longer tail to make your eye wider with the detail work at the end of the lashes. I love this one too. Can put on any where even go to work.

Let's take look at another brand of false eyelashes from japan which call  "Jumily"

Jumily False Eyelashes No 1
Natural is the word to describe this lashes. So light and looks soo natural. I think you can where these everyday.

Jumily False Eyelashes No 2
This one is so chick because you can add on the lashes to make your eyes looks more stunning or may be you just use it seperately. It is up to you but I love this idea of this lashes very much^^

Jumily False Eyelashes No. 3
I love this one because it can make your eyes stand out by its black, its long and its look but still looks natural by I do not why!!!!

Jumily FalseEyelashes No. 4
This one is longer than No.3
No.3-4 is my fav^^

Jumily False Lower Lashes No. 5,6
Hard to attach because normally I do not wear the lower lashes. But this No.5-6 is so natural. No one can figure it out that it is not real^^

Hope you like it.
Nowadays I collect a variety of false Eyelashes Brand such as Ardell, Dolly Wink, Jumily, bewerich and a lot more these brand did make a good quality of false eyelashes and I highly recommend it.

Okay, If you have any question just let me know.

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