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Review : One Day with 8 Detachable Collars

Review : One Day with 8 Detachable Collars

October 24, 2012
Hello! Today I have very very beautiful Handmade Detachable Collar for you guys!!!
8 types of it and they are totally gorgeous. And I want to share it with you guys.
And again if you are Thai please feel free to read at

In Thailand, the hot weather is not quite suitable for wearing detachable collar but in this time all the girls want to wear it because Celeb in Thailand are wearing them right now. So if you wanna be Celeb, you have to wear some of these!!! hahaha. Anyway fashion comes and goes. It is normal to go along with it right?
Let's see how beautiful they are.
Sweet Oldrose Collar
The sweet detachable collar with the old rose tone with the lace detail. Looks so feminine.

No.2 Sweet Gold Collar
This one is just like the No.1 but in the Gold Tone. Looks not too sweet for some who do not like pink tone^^

No.3 Vintage Diamond Collar
This one is simple but the giltering crystal detail around the collar make it  looks expensive. Suitable for someone who likes bling bling thing^^ This one is perfect.

No.4 Blue Pastel Collar
The pastel collar with the detail on the texture. This one is simple but give you the fresh look and not too sweet because the pastel blue color does not make you look like that like the pink does to you^^

No.5 The Black Flower Collar
I do not know why but this one making me think of the Chanel. With the black + Little Flower + Lace Detail making me think of the Hi-Ends Brand like Chanel. Don't you think?

No.6 Royal Black Collar
This one is look like you can wear it to work in the morning and party at night on the same day!!! Because of the black look that able to wear it at work and the big diamond will make you look stunning during the light at the party^^

No.7 Feather Collar
This one is should not allow to wear it at work seriously!! It should be with you when you was out to the party with friends or you are on the fancy party something like that!!
The way they put the fur on the collar is just perfect!! I love this one.

No.8 Sweet Purple Collar
If you bored with the black and white thing. Let's make different with this one!! Purple Detachable Collar!!
What a unique one. Don't you think?

And that is it for today. I hope you like it.
Fashion comes and goes so just be yourself that is the best fashion of you.
Until then...
See ya.

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