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Review : 10 Fashion Statement Rings “Unique Design Rings”

Hello!! It is nice to see you again and this time I come with 10 very cute rings from my own collection that I bought from Thailand and I think it is very cute and unique design and totally so in to the fashion of “Statement Ring”. So I do want to share it with you guys. These rings have various of price from very cheap to hi-end brand name price like YSL Arty Oval Ring. So come and take a look together^^

Name of the Ring : Wing Ring
Description : Brass with white crystal / Gold Plated
Place to buy the ring: Unionmall in Thailand
Price : 250 Baht
This is such a unique design ring that I bought with a very cheap price but in Thailand, I saw these kind of ring a lot so it is do really beautiful but if you do not want to ran in to another so just do not choose this one. But I do like the quality of its material. It  is such a bright gold color  and so blink! and the wing shape make me look like a angel. ^^I love it.
Name of the Ring : Rabbit  Ring
Description : Brass paint with enamel
Place to buy the ring: Unionmall in Thailand
Price : 250 Baht
It is so adorable with the rabbit looks and so chic with a 3 ring design to make a complete rabbit. Even it was painted so rough on the surface but it gives you the vintage look on it own. This item is quit rare to find one in the mall but we might find it on line^^ because I do believe it is come from China or Korea.
Name of the Ring : Turquoise Ring
Description : It is not a real stone
Place to buy the ring: Missselfridge at Central Ladpraw in Thailand []
Price : 350 Baht
This item was discounted when I bought it [normal price is 700 Baht]. It is totally a statement ring because of the size and it gives you the feel of the real stone even it is not real one like and the price it is so affordable^^
Name of the Ring : Mermaid Ring
Description : Brass with handmade enamel painted / Gold Plated
Place to buy the ring:
Price : 650 Baht
It is design by IrisaCollection from Thailand even it is not that big statement ring but it has a unique design and the detail on the ring is just amazing. See how the mermaid ties on your finger so I beleive it is such a statement ring from my opinion.
Name of the Ring : Pirate Ship Ring
Description : Brass with handmade enamel painted / Gold Plated
Place to buy the ring:
Price : 750 Baht
This is from local Thai designer brand too called IrisaCollection. The ship ring comes together with the mermaid ring because it is come from the same story same collection. It is go along with the story on the scarf that IrisaCollection designed. I love the thickness of the enamel normally we do not see this much thick of the color on the fashion ring so this is quite a unique design ring for me.
Name of the Ring : Bow Tie Ring
Description : Brass/ Gold plated / Painted with Enamel
Place to buy the ring: SugarHead at Paragon in Bangkok
Price : 790 Baht
This come form local Thai designer too called “SugarHaed” They are normally design cute and lovely pastel rings / necklace etc. You might find a shop at the famous JJ market in Bangkok. It is quite simple but cute design like bow tie on your finger and I like it so I bought it so you can see that a little gold plated that coming out of the ring because I wore it so often.
Name of the Ring : Cat Ring
Description : Brass / Gold Plated / Special technique on painting / ceramic on the surface
Place to buy the ring: 77th at Paragon in Bangkok
Price : 4,200 Baht
Another Thai Designer made it again. I love the way that they design to combine 2 in to one lovely cat. The first part is a tail and the second part is a head of the cat. The detail on the painting is just make it worth for paying the higher price. The normal fashion ring will not coat with the ceramic so may be this making the lovely cat different from others.
Name of the Ring : Foxy Fur Ring with Crystal
Description : Brass with white and light brown crystal / decorated with fur / Gold Plated
Place to buy the ring: Disaya at Paragon in Bangkok []
Price : 4,500 Baht
This is come from very famous Thai designer called “Disaya” It is the another brand that created such a sweet collection of cloth and jewelry. This one is so gorgeous with the swarovsky on the fox and little fur on the back of its. Even it look strange to have a fur on my finger but I still love it because it is totally true unique and it is hard to find because it is limited and I have got it!!! Yeahh
Name of the Ring : Yves Saint Laurent Arty Oval Ring
Description : -
Place to buy the ring:
Price : 7,000 Baht
Another famous one of the statement ring. So stunning with gold plated, the size and the glass that create to make it look like turquoise. I LOVE IT!!! No need to elaborate on this item. All the celeb wears it so why not???
Name of the Ring : Yves Saint Laurent Arty Oval Ring
Description : -
Place to buy the ring:
Price : 7,000 Baht
This one I bought with a second handed item on siambrandname forum [it is like a purseforum]. I love the combination of the gold and the black. I will use it with my Balenciaga. It is just go perfectly together!!!
So that is it for today. Hope you like my review. All of rings are in my collection that I bought and I thought that it is  such a unique and cute fashion ring and I want to share it with you guys[I tried to took a photo that you can see when I wore them a lot and the color changed so you can see how durable they are and what they made of].

Hope you enjoy it. I tried to reviewed variety of price and design both imported from China or Korea and brand name item so you can design or get some inspiration that what fit for you perfectly with the reasonable price for you.

Anyway do not forget to visit Thailand^^ it is a lovely city.

Until Then…
See ya

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